Interex-WAGA has been active in the water utilities sector for 25 years.


About us

Our mission is to act as technical solution provider supporting our customers in their efforts to provide secure and sustainable drinking water supplies to consumers. Our sales range includes pipe couplings, valves, hydrants, manhole covers, and our own manufacture, VIPAK® security seals for water meters.
Our motto: Preserving Water – Our Treasure.


About VIPAK®

Our patented VIPAK® self-locking plastic security seals were developed in cooperation with water utility engineers to provide security sealing for water meters. It has been used for two decades, and well known in the water utilities profession as a product suitable for the prevention of illegal water consumption. Being used by 90% of water utilities in Hungary and sold in 11 countries, VIPAK® security seals offer protection against tampering. The seal contains two halves with protecting flanges which will hide connecting planes after installation. Its weakened locking device will clearly identify any attempt of tampering. The perforation around the locking device will increase fragility under tampering efforts. Subsequent gluing of the material is not possible. It is easy to prove that the seal has been tampered with or disassembled, thus helping water utilities increase their revenue and fight against unauthorized use of valuable water resources. 8.4 million security seal rings sold in Hungary, and 1.4 million rings sold abroad in the past 5 years.

Variations of the VIPAK® security seals



VIPAK® security seals applied on a water meter



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